I will support you over the phone, offering suggestions on comfort measures until you reach a point where you feel you would like me to join you.

I will be there to help you through the dilation stage either at home and/or the hospital. I will help you transfer to the hospital and guide you through the registration process, providing permanent communication with the medical staff as needed as well as support throughout labour and delivery.

If you have other children, I can be with them while you are in labour or take turns with your partner so that he can be with you and with them. My presence will allow him to be wherever he feels comfortable during the whole process and give him time to eat something, take a break, make a phone call, etc without leaving you alone unless that is your request.

In case you have a scheduled C-Section or any labour complication results in one, I will be there to support and assist you with anything you may need. I will help you feed your baby immediately after the operation and make sure that you have everything you need before I leave the hospital.