• 3 antenatal visits
  • On-call 24 hours a day from weeks 37-42
  • The day of Labour : support during the dilation stage either at home and/or at the hospital, transfer to the hospital and support throughout labour and delivery
  • 2 postnatal visits
The first time we meet is in order to get to know each other a little so that you can find out more about my work as a doula and decide if you would feel comfortable having me present at such an intimate event. I would like to hear what your ideal birth experience would be as well as your needs, expectations and concerns. This interview is free of charge.If you would like me to be your doula, we will schedule a first meeting where we will discuss: birthing options in Madrid, who you would like to accompany you when you start going into labour and during the rest of the process, any fears or concerns you might have and of course anything else that you might want to share with me. We could also talk about what a birth plan is and how to formulate one that meets your needs.At our second visit we will speak more thoroughly about your day of labour and I will explain what my role as a doula involves when you start going into labour.On my third visit we will talk about the postnatal period and the role of your partner before and after the birth. It is important that you tell me what level of participation you would both feel comfortable with me taking, so that I can give support in a way that works best for the two of you. As I will be there to support you as a family, your partner should not be concerned about me taking his place or making his role redundant.If you would like, we can also talk about the things that you might need to buy before your baby is born, the names and brands of the baby products most commonly found in Spain and where to find them, and the things you could take to hospital and those that might be useful after you baby’s birth.

I will be on-call for you 24hrs a day from weeks 37-42 of your pregnancy and available to join you in your labour as early as you feel the need. I will give support to you over the phone, offering suggestions on comfort measures until you reach the point where you feel you would like me to join you. I will be there to help you through the dilation stage at home and/or at hospital, and will help you transfer to the hospital and guide you through the registration process, providing constant communication with the medical staff, as needed, as well as support throughout labour and delivery.

In the case that you have a scheduled C-Section or any labour complications that result in one, I will be there to support and assist you with anything you may need. I will help you feed your baby immediately after the operation and make sure that you have everything you need before I leave the hospital.I also offer 2 hospital/home postnatal visits during the first week to be scheduled after your baby’s birth. During these visits you can share any concerns, doubts or fears that you may have with me, and tell me how you feel about both the birth and being new parents. I can also support you with feeding, bathing, dressing etc.

I will be available by telephone and email during the whole process, and video calls are an additional option.


  • During pregnancy: as additional options during your pregnancy, I could also accompany you if you wish during 3 visits to the gynaecologist (one per trimester), and/or the glucose test (O’Sullivan Test), and/or provide translation during the guided tour of the hospital you choose.
  • Single visits: antenatal visits, postnatal visits and breastfeeding consultancy in hospital and at home